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Yuukianura aphoruroides "Asian Orange Springtail"

Yuukianura aphoruroides "Asian Orange Springtail"

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Habitat: Tropical

Humidity: 80-100%

Temperature: 70-95F

Diet: Detritivore

Size: Micro

Reproduction: Sexual, Moderate


Yuukianura aphroruoides are a growing and popular species of colorful springtail for collectors, hobbyists, and those who want a colorful bioactive. While they do take a longer amount of time to start breeding than other springtails typically do, once a larger population is established, they will explode in numbers.

Their need for high humidity and moisture make them excellent candidates for dart frog terrariums; we strongly recommend seeding them months before adding any frogs, or they may all get eaten, considering they don't camouflage well!

Keep these springtails on soil; plain coconut coir mixed with some spaghnum moss works well to culture them. They will eat brewer's yeast, fish flakes, and activated dry yeast. While they do eat similar to other springtails, they seem to favor yeast for us!


For live arrival guarantee in temperatures exceeding 95F or below 40F, a heat or cool pack must be added. If temperatures are at or below 32F or at or above 100F, live animal shipments of all kinds will be held until weather permits safe shipment. Live animal shipments only go out Monday-Wednesday.

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