Animal Shipping TOS

Customers must be 18 or older to send payments regarding purchases of live animals, or otherwise will need a parent or guardian to do so for them with full permission.

You are responsible for being aware of your own state's laws on animals.

We can only guarantee live arrival if the following conditions are met:
- Someone is able to pick up the animals same day as they arrive at a FedEx hub or Post Office, or within the first hour of arrival at a home address.
- Accurate shipping address is provided.
- A heat or cool pack is added depending on cold or hot weather conditions (I.E. adding a heat pack when temperatures reach 45F and below, or a cool pack when temperatures reach 91F or above, with the exclusion of invertebrates who won’t need a heat pack at temps of 65F or above).

When there is a Dead on Arrival (DOA), photos MUST be taken and emailed or texted within the first hour of package arrival at a home address, or within the first 5 hours of holding at a FedEx hub or Post Office.

In the case of DOA, we cannot provide a refund including cost of shipping and handling and cost of the animal, but can provide either a 100% refund of actual cost of the animal or replace the animals that arrived dead, excluding cost of shipping, based on what the customer prefers.
- If an invertebrate shipment is 4 or more days since shipping and has not yet arrived, LAG is voided.
- If a vertebrate shipment is 2 or more days since shipping and has not yet arrived, LAG is voided.


DOA refunding cannot be provided without proof of Death on Arrival, and is completely voided 2 hours after package delivery.


In the case of shipment mishandling causing a DOA, new invertebrates can be replaced only for the cost of shipping, or full refunding excluding cost of shipping. Mishandled vertebrates will be fully refunded, excluding cost of shipping.

We only ship Monday through Wednesday 9am to 2pm for live animal shipments. This is to ensure the animals arrive in a timely manner and aren’t subject to longer shipping times over weekends when shipping may happen more slowly. Orders placed after 2pm Wednesday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday of the order, unless otherwise stated.

We do not ship when temperatures are below 38F, or above 100F. Shipments may be held due to inclement weather.

We do not ship during major holiday weeks or months, such as December and early January (first week of the new year) to prevent loss of shipment, DOAs, or shipping delays.

Shipping costs are dependent on type of animals shipped, and what the customer prefers. We offer USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express for (applicable) invertebrates only.

We also offer shipping through Ship Your Reptiles or Redline Shipping. Reptiles and amphibians are shipping FedEx Priority or Standard Overnight only. Invertebrates can be shipped with Priority Overnight, 2Day, Express Saver, Home Delivery, or Ground.

Due to rules and regulations pertaining to venomous invertebrates, scorpions, spiders, tarantulas, and centipedes are shipped via Fedex ONLY. There will be no exception to this.

Costs for shipping can range anywhere from $7 to $100 or more. If you’d like an accurate quote, contact us about it with shipping information and we’ll get to you ASAP.

We do not offer any payment plans at this time. We use Paypal, Credit, and Debit primarily, but if you need to use some other form of payment, let us know if it does not work on our website.

If you are making a large quantity order, or want to buy wholesale, contact us about information and pricing. Please note for most wholesale or bulk orders, we typically cut 40-50% off the price only. Only very large orders will have larger price cuts.

For most of the invertebrates, such as isopods, roaches, etc, the exact animals being sold may not be shown, but representatives of them/their species will be. Individual animals, such as most vertebrates, will likely be shown exactly. We sex all animals able to be sexed to the best of our ability, but not all animals can be easily sexed. Colors of animals in photos may differ a bit to how they appear in person, but we do our best to make sure all photos are properly representative of them.