Our Story

Amphisbaena Exotics LLC is a mother-daughter owned and operated business. Resident AmpExLLC artist, Gwen Fontcuberta, has been in love with animals and creating art since she was a toddler. Her mother, Cynthia, has been a business owner for over 20 years. In recent years, Gwen has been inspired to begin responsible and ethical breeding of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. This new venture also sparked Gwen's creative side, resulting in some amazing and fun art. Bringing each of their talents and experience together, in 2021 they decided to start Amphisbaena Exotics, LLC, selling Gwen's art on carefully curated merchandise and offering her lovingly and responsibly bred critters for sale. They travel extensively to Exotic Pet Expos where they offer fun and useful products featuring Gwen's distinctive art style, as well as art prints, and some of her beloved critters.

Amphisbaena Exotics, LLC endeavors to help protect the future of our natural resources by practicing sustainable business strategies. They believe strongly in Reduse-Reuse-Recycle and try their very best to use renewable resources. They hope you will appreciate their reused packing materials and that you will also reuse their zip-close plastic bags. They prefer to offer compostable shopping bags to their in-person customers and they try to generate as little waste as possible.