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Coecobrya sp. "Tropical Pink Springtails"

Coecobrya sp. "Tropical Pink Springtails"

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Culture Size
Coecobrya sp.
Tropical "Pink" Springtails
Breeding: Very Quick
Size: Micro
Temperature Range: 65-85°
Air Humidity: 60-100%
Soil Humidity: Mostly Moist


Tropical pink springtails are a bit larger than temperate white, and are effective both as a clean up crew and a micro feeder. These springtails do better in warmer temperatures and will breed more prolifically. They can be kept and cultured on or in soil, charcoal, calcium-bearing clay, and more. They do best in bio-active setups or in colonies of other invertebrates.


8oz cultures are recommended for aquariums 20 gallons and under. 12oz are best for 20-30 gallons, while 32oz are great for 40 gallon and larger.


Previously misidentified as Sinella curviseta.


For live arrival guarantee in temperatures exceeding 95F or below 40F, a heat or cool pack must be added. If temperatures are at or below 32F or at or above 100F, or if the weather is dangerous or may cause delays and issues during shipping, live animal shipments of all kinds will be held until weather permits safe shipment.
Live animal shipments only go out Monday-Wednesday.
To receive a replacement or refund on a Dead on Arrival animal or animals, an image of the deceased animals must be provided within an hour of delivery. Live arrival guarantee is voided after the first hour of arrival, or upon significant delay of package delivery.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Holton
Empty packaging and sketchy refund policy.

I received my 12oz shipment of “springtails” there were maybe 2 springtails that I saw in the whole container. I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and see if maybe they were dormant (big mistake as I was informed) and still no springtails. This is not my first terrarium with a thriving springtail colony, but it will be my last time ordering from this company.

We're so sorry to hear that the springtails arrived dead! Each order is hand packaged to try and ensure the healthiest animals arrive. Springtails are unfortunately very fragile, and though we've had great experiences shipping them so far, sometimes they can perish during shipping.
There was no given proof of Dead upon Arrival through photos, so unfortunately we could not provide a refund, as detailed by our Live Animal Shipping Terms of Service. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, and will provide you with a discount if you so choose to purchase from us again!
Apologies and Best,