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Amphisbaena Exotics

Porcellionides pruinosius "Oreo Crumbles"

Porcellionides pruinosius "Oreo Crumbles"

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Habitat: Arid, Semi-Arid, Temperate

Humidity: 40-70%

Temperature: 70-95F

Diet: Detritivore

Size: 1-1.25cm

Reproduction: Sexual, Fast



Porcellionides pruinosius are the powerhouse of isopods. They move fast, eat fast, and breed fast. They can inhabit a variety of enclosures and are adaptable to a range of conditions, so long as they are provided with at least a portion of their enclosure, we recommend at least 20%, that is nice and damp.


They do love their protein and may eat soft-shelled eggs if not given enough. Their care is excessively simple and they are easy to keep and breed.


For live arrival guarantee in temperatures exceeding 95F or below 40F, a heat or cool pack must be added. If temperatures are at or below 32F or at or above 100F, live animal shipments of all kinds will be held until weather permits safe shipment.

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