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Amphisbaena Exotics Uses QR Codes to Promote Their Products

Amphisbaena Exotics is an online store that sells clothing, gifts, and personal and home accessories featuring exclusive art designs by their own artist, Gwen Fontcuberta. They sell a variety of products featuring snakes, frogs, geckos, lizards, turtles, axolotls, and other exotic animals and pets.

Amphisbaena Exotics uses QR codes to promote their products in a variety of ways. They include QR codes on their product packaging, on their website, and in their marketing materials.

When customers scan the QR codes, they are taken to a landing page where they can learn more about the product and purchase it. QR codes are a great way for Amphisbaena Exotics to reach new customers and drive sales.

In addition to using QR codes to promote their products, Amphisbaena Exotics also uses them to track customer engagement. They can see how many people are scanning their QR codes and which products are the most popular. This information helps them to improve their marketing campaigns and target their marketing efforts more effectively.

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Amphisbaena Exotics is just one of many businesses that are using QR codes to improve their marketing efforts. If you are not already using QR codes, I encourage you to give them a try. You may be surprised at how effective they can be.

Here are a few tips for using QR codes effectively:

  • Make sure your QR codes are easy to scan.
  • Use QR codes in a variety of places, such as on your website, in your marketing materials, and on your product packaging.
  • Track your QR code scans to measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

If you follow these tips, you can use QR codes to improve your marketing efforts and reach new customers.