Custom Art

Want a custom artwork of your pet? We can do that! We'll even put it on cool things for you, like mugs, tumblers, art prints, and more! Commissions do not come free, but we do our best to make the price work for our artist, Gwen, and you, the customer/client.

Info & Instructions

To get custom artwork made, a little bit of work is required on your part. We need photos of your pet, in good lighting and from multiple angles. The required angles are: Front, Back, Left & Right Sides, and Front, Left, & Right Sides of the Face. More angles and poses are also helpful, as they can help frame the shape of the pet you'd like to have drawn.
Other helpful information is the overall personality of your pet, and what you'd like the image of them to look like, pose like, and express. If you want your cat to look grumpy, your dog to be playing, or snake to be hissing, it's all info we need to know!
These art commissions will be in a stylized, semi-cartoony style. This way, we can better show emotions on your pet!
Please know that this art is exclusively for personal use. This means gifts, home decor, etc. Artwork for commercial use is handled and priced very differently.


Art takes a lot of time to make, and needs to be priced fairly with both the customer and the artist in mind. We've done our best to price to be fair for the work that goes into the art, but also keeping it within reach of most people.

Half of the total of the commissioned artwork, not including physical items such as prints, mugs, or tumblers, is required up front before a commission is started.

The cost of the artwork alone is $50

*To have an accent added to the art, such as a floral or accessory, can cost $10-$30

To get it on a white cardstock art print, it's $20

We'll put it on a mug for $25

Or, on a 20oz stainless steel tumbler for $35

*Does not include small items like collars. Does include mobility devices, accenting plants, toys, etc.

(Prices shown are per item. For five or more of any item, contact us for pricing.)

Any changes to artwork after a certain level of completion may add an additional fee, especially changes to line-work. Complexity fees for animals that are complex in nature, such as reticulated pythons, may be added.

For no extra cost, the background can be transparent, simple shapes, or a solid color or gradient of some kind. Please know that gradients and solid colors may translate weirdly onto any physical item.


To contact us about getting a commission, or if you have any questions, please email us at



Please know that by submitting a form, contact, or inquiry for a commission, that you agree to the following:


- Minimum HALF of the total owed payment for a commission is required before the commissioned art is started. This is a non-refundable deposit.

- We (Gwen, Amphisbaena Arts & Exotics) only accept USD (United States Dollars). Unless an app has a form of payment conversion feature, like paypal does, we cannot and will not accept foreign currencies.

- Commissioned work is absolutely under no circumstances to be used commercially. For commercial works, please contact us via email to inquire on prices and agreements.

- The Client/Customer must be of 18 years or older to commission us (Gwen, Amphisbaena Arts & Exotics).





1. Gwen, the artist, retains full and exclusive rights to the original artwork.The client may not claim it as their own or use it for anything other than personal use. Artworks will be used in portfolios, on our website, social media, and to promote our and/or Gwen's commissions and business, unless otherwise stated by the client.

2. All commissioned artwork is for noncommercial purpose only. Redistribution of my artwork for use in printed merchandise or as promotion of goods, services or social media pages is prohibited.

3. Conditions for Reposting/Sharing: The client has my permission to repost the artwork wherever they would like, as long as proper credit is given (a link back to our website or social media, such as Instagram or Facebook) and the watermark/signature remains intact and unaltered.

4. Prohibited Actions. Altering the artwork in any way without asking for permission before hand, with the exception of cropping/resizing the image for an icon or other use, is not permitted. Cropping parts of the image, erasing parts of the image, or otherwise altering the image in any way other than resizing is prohibited.

5. If these terms are broken, you will be blacklisted from commissioning us for the rest of the forseeable future.



1. I accept payment in USD. All USD payments will be taken via Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. Attempting to take payment back after sending it will be considered fraudulant.

2. Following the non-refundable deposit, full payment must be given/completed, or the commission will be withheld until it is. 

3. It is the commissioner/client's responsiblity to make sure that we are notified of payment, whether it be through email, text, or messaging through social media.



1. Estimated date of completion may be given, but is not set in place. In case of emergencies, travel, business, health, etc., commissions may be delayed by any stretch of time. We will do our best to make sure your artwork is finished within a two-week period, depending on the piece.

2. Work in Progress (WIP) Sharing and Editing, and Revisions. Before full detail is added to an artwork, it may go through stages of sketches to make sure it meets what the customer/client desires. These edits are free while the artwork is in the sketch phase, however, once it is past that point, fees may be added for significant changes in linework, color, shading, or poses.




Created: 07/07/2022
Last Updated: 07/12/2022

This TOS may be subject to change at any time without notice. Changes will not be applied retroactively.