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Amphisbaena Exotics

The O.G. Leopard Gecko Sticker

The O.G. Leopard Gecko Sticker

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Normal. Not ordinary. This is one in a series of nine Leopard Gecko morphs that Gwen has illustrated (look for the t-shirt featuring all nine). A morph is a color and/or pattern, often a carefully acquired mutation. This is the O.G. Leopard Gecko, the beautiful, naturally occurring colors and pattern that these guys display in the wild. Add your favorites, like the O.G. here, or choose the collection of all nine today! Leopard Gecko decals are 3" x 2.26".

Get your favorite Amphisbaena Exotics artwork featuring reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic pets printed on thick, scratch-resistant vinyl stickers with a protective laminate coating. Our decals/stickers are made to last! These bumper sticker decals are durable, weather-proof, and dishwasher safe. Price is per decal/sticker and shipping is included.  




UV-resistant (fade-resistant)

Dish washer safe

High quality vinyl decals


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