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Narceus Americanus, American Giant Pink Foot Millipede, CBB

Narceus Americanus, American Giant Pink Foot Millipede, CBB

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These millipedes are easy to care for and rear, and require very little to thrive. The species is native to much of North America, and thrive in the wild and in captivity. They grow to be 6-8 inches.


They like temperate and moderate temperature ranges of 65-90F, however can survive higher and lower. They need soil as deep as they are long as a minimum, and the soil must consist of things such as compost, wood, and more, which you can make, or buy our very own substrate mix! The soil needs to be damp but not wet below the surface, with a good hefty watering once a week.


They eat the soil they live in, but also enjoy fruits and veggies and insect diets, especially carrots, cucumber, zucchini, bug jellies, and other diets and items.


Please note that if distressed, these millipedes may secrete an irritating and bad-smelling liquid from "pores" along the sides of their bodies, or vomit smelly and badly staining fluid on you. It's recommended to wash hands before and after handling them, and to avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears after until hands are washed.


For live arrival guarantee in temperatures exceeding 95F or below 40F, a heat or cool pack must be added. If temperatures are at or below 32F or at or above 100F, live animal shipments of all kinds will be held until weather permits safe shipment.

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