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Isopod & Millipede Substrate Mix

Isopod & Millipede Substrate Mix

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This yummy mix contains all the basics isopods and millipedes need to thrive, such as compost, wood pulp, oyster shells for calcium, leaf litter, and more!


Most isopods will only need 1-3 inches of substrate, while millipedes will need it as deep as they are long, as a minimum. While this substrate can be used in bioactive terraria, it is meant specially to keep, breed, and grow isopods and millipedes on.


We use this very same mix with great success breeding millipedes and isopods for a long time now!


Please note that if you see mushrooms and fungus growing in the substrate, this is not only natural, but beneficial to the 'pedes and 'pods. The fungus helps to break down the wood pulp further, allowing the inverts to chow down on the yummy wood. Some species will even eat the fungus, too!

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