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Buffalo Beetle 12oz Colony Starter

Buffalo Beetle 12oz Colony Starter

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Buffalo Beetles make for excellent roach colony clean up crews, as well as clean up crews for uneaten snake food. They eat any dead animal, animal waste, and leftover food very quickly.


We do recommend making sure any roach colony they are added to is well established before adding them, to make sure they won't be detrimental to the development of a new colony by outcompeting them for food.


These are not recommended to be used as micro feeders as these beetles have been used for carcass cleaning before and may carry harmful microorganisms within them.


For live arrival guarantee in temperatures exceeding 95F or below 40F, a heat or cool pack must be added. If temperatures are at or below 32F or at or above 100F, live animal shipments of all kinds will be held until weather permits safe shipment.

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